Let's break the Echo
Chambers Together.

┬ÁLearn is a synergic philosophy of education, with a culture of mutual learning through micro groups of peers. ┬ÁLearn is here to assist you in breaking through the echo chambers and free you from the shackles that have you grounded.

Join the Program

Join our Discord server and accept the Rules and Regulations. Aaronchettan will send you a link to submit your information

Complete Assignments

Start communicating with other Students, Mentors and Enablers on the Discord channels. Complete Activites published on Discord. Communicate your progress on projects. Stay active for an hour a day

Improve your Profile

Submit assignments, participate in events, complete tasks, Gain Karma points for your participation. Include these in your resume and promote yourself.

Mulearn Leaderboards

GTech Mulearn Ambassadors & Team Meetup